James and I really dedicated ourselves on providing our customers the best possible shipping rates throughout the United States. We decided the best option in alleviating the shipping burden was to give our customers an option to bundle and save on shipping by buying up to 6 jars of Tastefully Done Marinade or a case of 12 for those really savvy hunters.

Now since the marinade is stored in a cool, dry place and has a 3 year long shelf life, we knew that our customers would get more than their money’s worth by buying more.

This process started by finding the most reputable and respectable warehouse within the United States that fulfilled all our preparation and shipping requirements.

With a lot of dedicated research, we found a wonderful warehouse in North Carolina where fast and quality shipments were their key focus.

We decided the best option for fast and quality shipping was to ship USPS priority mail. So to give you the best bang for your buck at checkout, you will need to input your state and zip code to calculate your best shipping price. For shipping information Click Here


  • Bundle deal options
  • Fast and quality shipment


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