James ZehrCooking Solely Over a WoodJames & Amy

Secret Zehr Family Wild Game Marinade

James & Amy

James Zehr and I met in a small town in Colorado where I owned a small Uruguayan restaurant and cooked solely over a wood-fire grill and James worked for my brother-in-laws excavation business. We still laugh to this day as it took us 2 years to meet. In June 2010 we were married in Lowville, New York just bordering Canada where James was born and raised on a dairy farm and his family started a whitetail deer hunting ranch www.lowlandswhitetails.com inspired by James.

Since hunting is in their blood we surely would have nothing else but juicy thinly sliced venison tenderloin marinated in the Zehr’s secret  venison marinade cooked on a homemade wood-fire grill for our wedding. As guests raved about the venison which is usually very hard to keep balanced and moist, they did nothing short of bribe the Zehr’s for their venison marinade recipe. The Zehr’s certainly would never give up their secret recipe.

When we returned back to Colorado, James secretly told me his family’s secret venison marinade recipe, which I had to swear I would never reveal. I whipped up a batch and introduced it as a dinner special at my restaurant one evening with instant success. Customers were so amazed at how the marinade tamed the gamey taste without sacrificing the natural flavors and still stayed so juicy and tender. They asked me to make the dish part of the menu. The now famous venison marinade spread like wild-fire bringing more customers and avid hunters to our door step.

James and I are now humbly honored to bring you our best top quality wild game marinade that you can buy on the market today.  This one of a kind “liquid marinade” will tame the gamey taste in all your wild game without sacrificing or masking the natural flavors, hence our slogan “Taming The Wild Taste In Game”.

Our Marinade is perfect for the avid hunter, advanced chef or the true beginner. Our marinade experience will secretly give you a fool proof and simple way to tenderize, marinate and grill perfect wild game meat every time.


USE CAUTION: You will have family and guests calling you “The connoisseur of cooking Wild Game” while raving to you and saying how flavorful, delicious and moist your wild game is as they do nothing short of bribe you for you’re secret wild game marinade recipe.

                                                                                  Tastefully Done Marinade is simply EASY with no added preparation steps! 
  • No need to tenderize your meat
  • No need to add any extra flavors or seasonings
  • No need to soak your meat in buttermilk or salted brine


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Want Proof?

Ken V

New York

“I’ve been eating venison for 40 years. This is the best venison marinade I’ve ever tasted. I’m looking forward to grilling some this weekend.”

Brian B

New York

“Best venison marinade out there. The sweetness perfectly combined with the peppery side is sensational. Everyone who I have made this for will all agree. People who don’t even like venison come back for seconds and thirds, if there is any left. Highly recommend. Amazing is an understatement. I will be buying much more for myself and gifts.”

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Yes I understand that if I’m not 100% ON-FIRE and totally pumped about Tastefully Done Marinade, if I don’t see how easy and effectively Tastefully Done Marinade is at taming the gamey taste in WILD GAME without sacrificing or masking the natural flavors, if for any reason I’m not completely satisfied and delighted about my purchase within the first 30 days, I will receive a full refund of the purchase price and all I need to do is return the unused portion.

This is our personal guarantee to you!