Customer Reviews

My husband & I bought a jar of the spicy at The Truth and the Outdoors Expo last Saturday. We loved it. Used it on deer loin. We’ve tried dozens of different flavors & ways to cook deer meat. This is one of our favorites.

What a great tasting marinade. I’ve been cooking venison for many years and always thought I made some pretty good venison without buying marinade. Well that was until now. I tried the “Original” marinade over the weekend and wow what incredible flavor. Great job Amy and James.

Bought this marinade at our area’s Sportsman’s show. Tried within a few days of purchasing, followed directions as described on jar (also per James) & marinated for 3 days. I was a little skeptical as to how it would turn out, since I myself could not stand the smell of marinade when heating it up! However, despite the smell when heating, this was by far the most tender meat my family has ever had!! It melted in your mouth. I will be buying more! Definitely worth trying for yourself. I will be heating the marinade up outside on my grill though from now on.

I’ve had many many many marinade’s in my life, this one is true to the core of country living & cooking. finally a hearty and flavorful marinade. It has put me into overdrive on getting a bear this year to see how it tastes.. Thanks again for a excellent marinade.

My husband started hunting this past year since moving out to Missouri, and brought home his first deer last fall! We had a lot of deer steaks in the freezer that just sat there for months because I was unsure of how to properly cook them. After two failed attempts and quite a few pounds of meat lost, I was feeling pretty defeated. Here I had dozens of beautifully cut deer steaks just waiting to be cooked and I had no idea what to do! Then Amy introduced me to her marinade Tastefully Done Marinade and gave me the basic instructions on how to use it properly and I used it that very week. The meat sat in the marinade for five days and on the fifth night, thrown on the grill. The steaks were amazing! Full of flavor, no gamey taste and the meat was very tender. I have since then used it multiple times, and each time the finished product is always perfect! It makes this beginner into the world of Venison seem like a Pro. Thank you!

A co-worker I work with mentioned this marinade to me at work stating its some of the best marinade he’s ever used, so I had him pick me up a bottle. I cut up deer meat into 1/4 slices and soaked the meat in this sauce for 4 days and in a gallon bag. I then fired up the BBQ grill one evening and cooked the meat at a medium heat. I cooked each side for about 4 minutes and then took it off the grill. After my wife and I eat several pieces we both agreed with my buddy. You cannot go wrong with this marinade. It is delicious!!

I’ve been eating venison for 40 years. This is the best venison marinade I’ve ever tasted. I’m looking forward to grilling some this weekend.

This marinade has great taste for wild game, Best I have ever experienced.

This is by far the best marinade I’ve had to date. Great for venison on the grill.

I have eaten and cooked venison about every possible way. Tastefully done marinade is the absolute best I have ever tasted!!!!